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I set up to write this book after a long series of dialogue, discussions and debates that dragged from more than a decade with members and leaders from worldviews that are opposite from the historical orthodox views on Jesus of Nazareth. The late Corrie Ten Boom said: “God doesn’t have problems. Only plans.” This book undertakes to unveil a measure of God’s plan through the enigmatic figure, multiple personalities and earthly roles of Jesus . God’s plan for human salvation had become people’s problem over the centuries. Since they rejected mystery from Christian theology and relegated it in the same category as fairy tales, they had no other choice but to look at theology as an unnecessary thread of contradictions. This book – Help Me Understand Jesus ($15.99 paperback, ISBN 978-1-61904-3331-2 – provide provision to the readers to correct some of these long standing misunderstandings on biblical issues concerning Jesus of Nazareth who unashamedly was called Son of Mary, Son of David, Son of Man and Son of God.

About the Product content: 

These are the things that You might learn from the book among others:
  • Why Jesus was irremediably human from birth to his adolescence and to his manhood!
  •  Why Jesus HAD TO be human and why historical Christianity will always fight for that understanding and assert continuously that Jesus total humanity was not a foggy or a trivial biblical concept but a well established one and a necessary one.
You will also revisit the historical depths of certain expressions in a new way such as:
  • Why the expression ‘son of man’ was not used with the intention of emphasizing Jesus humanity despite contrary views.
  • Why the terminology ‘son of man’ in the New Testament is different from the terminology ‘son of man’ in the Old Testament save for two intriguing exceptions.
  • Why Christians since the first century have always believed that Jesus was the 'Son of Man' despite the fact that Jesus always used the terminology ‘Son of Man’ in the third person as if He was referring to someone else.
  • Why scholars believe that the origin of the word 'Son of Man' as used by Jesus came from an ancient prophecy uttered in the kingdom of Babylon probably around 530 BC and more importantly what that expression signified for the Babylonians living at that time.
Finally You will reconsider some of the nativity story concepts usually heralded on Christmas such as: 
  • Why is the incarnation better regarded as a mystery rather than contradiction.
  • What the word 'incarnation' imply and why the incarnation of the divine son was not invented in Christianity nor by Christians but preceded Christianity for more than a few centuries.
  • What was meant by the word ‘Son of God’ when it referred to Jesus and how and why it differs from the generic usage of the word 'son(s) of God' in other part of the Bible.
  • Why we needed a vulnerable God – fragile as a baby in a manger – which turned out rather as a blessing and a gift to our inhuman humanity rather than an embarrassment to our rationality. 
  • Something new about the implication of EL-GIBBOR as the Christ, might just recapture for us the beauty, the elegance and the meaning of the traditional Christmas message.

About the author:

A scientist who holds a Biotechnology degree from SA and a Theological certificate from Norfolk Theological Seminary and college (V.A - USA). He has been a Peer Counselor and an Academic Representative at an S.A University. He has served as a Vice President in charge of spiritual Life at the Sacred Heart Cathedral - French Youth Group in Pretoria/S.A. He has offered his services as a critical thinking consultant to the Living Word Association among others. He has lectured on Apologetic, Bible doctrines and Leadership. He is an alumnus of ALCP (Academy of Leadership, Competitiveness and Prosperity).

About the Publishing House and how to order your copy now:

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order Help Me Understand Jesus: Rediscovering the Mystery of Christmas through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through However it is also available for ordering on,, and in e-book formats.

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  1. Good work Eric!

    Would you mind writing SA in full at least once? some folks might not know where that is...:)

    Keep serving the Truth, Way and Life! least now I can count another good Christian and Rwandan writer among my acquaintances ;)

    Will try to mention the book to as many people as I can over here and hopefully we can have it in the UK libraries shelves soon...


  2. Thanks Yasmine! That's very kind of you to say! ;) .. and yeah .. i usually forget .. so let's me fix it! ;)

    Hello very body who might read this. Next time i say SA, know that i am using it as an acronym for South Africa! :)

    Shalom très chere,
    Thanks again for the compliments ;)

  3. Congratulation, frere E.G.

    Always knew you were destined for greatness. Will try my very best to get hold of a copy. Even though we both know it will be stretching my reading portfolio by a little bit.

    Again, congrats, and all the best for the coming years.

    Kanamugire Junior

  4. Avé Ceasar! Thanks for the kind words bro! En tout cas, je suis curieux de savoir comment tu va trouver ça (le livre)! :)