mardi 15 novembre 2011

Hot Rwanda: Where are our evangelist?

This morning I read in one of our Rwandan News media that parents are already loosing their minds with their children! And this is just after the first week of the school grand holiday commencement. I can't imagine their heads by the time December ends. This is the time where parents of teenagers learn to speak to an invisible God even if they don't really believe in Him. Interesting!

It really seems that parents whatever their religious views of life will never object that our evangelists give them a helping hands. Actually I even read one asking the police if they can at least start arresting their children with hope that this will help impede the progression of their destructive habits. If they can ask the police to imprison the children they love, they certainly won't mind the Christian evangelists to invite them and speak to their offspring going berserk!

Read the article at IGIHE online Rwandan News outlet.

I guess this is our time to do something in the name of Christ. You certainly are aware that Jesus divine exchange is greater and better than anything the world can ever offer! All is needed are people who understands what the offer consist of and articulate correctly.

May the Lord put in your heart and mine the burden of lost souls in Jesus' name.

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