mardi 8 novembre 2011

Prayer: My favourite list

Though i have read some books on prayers, few have had a lasting impact on me as these ones.

Disclaimer: Even if i can't embrace all aspect of all the authors' theologies, this doesn't prevent me to recognize their valuable works/books that have most helped me and shaped me to the person I am today.

In the 90's, i have been mainly influenced by:

1. A collection of prayer anecdotes and advised typescript that i found in the lost old books of my dad. I can't even remember the syllabus type-book titled. All i remember is that it was used by the old FGBMFI team at the time and it was rich in stories of the old revivalists who changed things through a life of  prayer. This really encouraged me and set an example for me to make prayer part of my life.

2. Prayer and Intercession books from Zacharias Tanne Fomum. His style was hard, his requirements were impossible and his books contents remains eternally with me. Once shocked, always shocked! He is possibly the voice that still hunt me and reminds me that prayer for a Christian is NOT an option, rather it is a MUST!

3. "Prière, Clef du reveil" / "Prayer, key for revival" by Paul (David) Yonggi Cho. This South Korean christian leader have probably done for me in term of prayer, what Derek Prince did for me with Bible study. I learned to be practical and even specific in my prayers through his many teachings either in this book or via other materials of his.

Since the year 2000, the authors below have influenced me:

4. Derek prince. He is probably the single most import person that taught me systematically how to make my spiritual life work without interruption. So his books about prayers are just great. I highly recommend "Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting". This might be the book that real dared me to believe and to expect great things from my prayers.

5. Kenneth Haggin books are usually unbelievable, "The Name of Jesus" is such a book too. I like the book organization as well as the clarification about why and what makes prayers so effective. I always mentally remind myself of what he taught on this book, each time i feel my faith during prayer becoming inadequate. He has other good booklet materials on prayer.

6. Jim Cimbala's book "Fresh wind, fresh power" came to me when i most needed it. It is the evangelical version of yonggi cho book "Prayer, key for revival". Here, i was starting to forget all the priority lessons i learned about prayers and BAM ... the book came to me and i was revived.

7. Bruce Wilkinson's book "Beyond Jabez: Expending Your Borders". I read this sequel of the "Jabez Prayer" before even reading the 'Jabez Prayer'. I recommend the Jabez prayer, but i highly recommend "Beyond Jabez". It has a greater lucidity and it also has an apologetic component in it. I guess that is why i
liked it so much. It came to my life when i was just getting introduced to Christian apologetic. This is the prayer i always try to remember to pray. I learned that you don't have to be ashamed of asking God to bless you. It doesn't make you self-centered, egotistical or less spiritual. Bruce argues this quite persuasively and since then i have been persuaded. Hence it makes me take more pleasure in prayer more.

8. "The Purpose of Prayer" as taught by Myles Munroe, the christian leader from the Bahamas. Though i only glanced over the book, i have heard him share the book contents. What i found significant about it, is his way of reminding us that as much as we need God in our prayers, God also needs our prayers to
effectively act in this world system.

Here is the end of my small list of prayer books that i helped me. If you have also a list of author that influenced your prayer life too, feel free to share them with us.

May God bless you all and teach you to pray according to His will.
Have a nice week in Jesus name.

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