mardi 29 novembre 2011

So like that you also want to write?

Here are some advises that I usually do not follow but i know if i can follow them more often it would improve the quality of my writings. It had come to my attention that some friends of mine are writing their own books too. I thought i should share with them few tips that i have tried to follow in the process of proof-reading mine few months ago. Maybe it would help you make less mistakes than i have made. If you keep in my those simple rules below, you shouldn't have such a hard time reviewing your manuscript at completion. I certainly will follow this guideline for my future writings.

'StyleWriter' Editing Checklist

Edit for Content and Organization

· Is your aim clear?

· Have you thought about your readers?

· Have you given enough information?

· Have you repeated yourself or included unnecessary details?

· Have you used examples or illustrations to explain difficult points?

· Is your organization logical and easy to follow?

· Does your text flow, with smooth transitions between sections?

· Is there a strong opening and a strong ending?

Edit for Style and Tone

· Is your writing clear and simple to understand?

· Have you kept your average sentence length low?

· Have you avoided passive verbs?

· Have you avoided jargon, abbreviations and unfamiliar terms?

· Have you avoided clichés and other stale expressions?

· Have you made every word count?

· Have you confused or misused words?

· Are your grammar, spelling, and punctuation correct?

· Have you used an appropriate tone - is it too impersonal or formal?

Edit for Layout and Presentation

· Does the appearance encourage your readers to read?

· Is there plenty of white space?

· Are your paragraphs short?

· Could you use headings and sub-headings to help your readers?

Edit for Effectiveness

· Does your message get through?

· Does your writing reflect your readers' needs?

· Will it hold your readers' attention?

· Would you want to read this if you were the reader?

· Does your writing achieve your aim?

Be sure you have that in mind during the whole writing process, and you'll do just fine if not better.

Have a nice week in Jesus name!

P.S: this checklist is not limited to book writing. Try use it for your essays at schools or at work.

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