mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Vox Day is a pleasant writer

It is because of things like this that I became a regular reader at Vox Popoli. Sure the guy has his own weakness but his writings are stimulating. His book on atheism was feast to my mind. The language was quite misplaced at time but this didn't deter the value of the book content:

"This is not a theological work. The text contains no arguments for the existence of God and the supernatural, nor is it concerned with evolution, creationism, the age of Earth, or intelligent design. It contains no arguments from Scripture; in attacking the arguments, assertions, and conclusions of the New Atheists, my only weapons are the purely secular ones of reason, logic, and historically documented, independently verifiable fact. This is not a book about God, it is about those who seek to replace Him." By Vox Day - The Irrational Atheist - Page 2

Check his blog at Vox Popoli.

He has become one of my favorite popular writer.

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