dimanche 4 décembre 2011

25-Year-Old Virgin

This is one of the most straightforward and deadly honest account of a young virgin i have ever read. Compelling and better than most of the writings on that topic i have ever read in my 20 some years of christian life. The writer is a very funny despite himself and accomplish writer. Just a word in passing, i
really believe that keeping one's virginity is really quite an amazing feat and show of incredible resilience beyond normal ability if you ask me.

"It's easy to be a virgin when you're in seventh grade. It's not much harder in high school. A pregnancy scare here, a cataclysmic breakup there and you've got all the motivation you need to keep your virginity for a few more years.

Things get complicated when you arrive at college and discover that promiscuous sex is no longer accepted, no longer encouraged; it's downright expected. I think there are state schools where fornication is actually a requirement for graduation.

Suddenly, you're out of college and everyone is having sex. But now it's different. No longer can you console yourself with vaguely condescending thoughts of how sad it is that those around you are giving in to the base
desires of the flesh and will never know the bliss of an unstained marriage bed like you will. Now your peers are married. They are tasting the fruit for which you have long hungered. You, on the other hand, have become an anomaly, an outlier, an honest-to-goodness freak of nature. On the rare occasion that you speak of your condition, people respond with emotions ranging from pity to fascination to confusion.

Eighty percent of young unmarried evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 29 have had sex. Many of my closest brothers in Christ are not virgins. I've dated some fantastic Christian girls who were not virgins. They all did it and they all turned out alright. So what's the big deal? ..."
You can check more on that in this link.

God bless you all in Jesus name,

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