mercredi 14 décembre 2011

How to Bringing Something New in Your Life in 2012

Sometime back, a lady friend (Yvette Denise) of mine made a comment that gave me a good laugh. She remarked once that people who read books like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' are broke people. She was kidding of course trying to indirectly encourage people we were together to commit themselves in the reading of a more vast arrays of literature and not only books telling the readers how to become rich.

I just want to point out that reading 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' or similar financial oriented books from either Robert Kiyosaki or other writers (Donald Trump, etc.) is not necessarily a sign of being financial broke. I mean, sometime, we may really be in an acceptable financial situation however we may at the same time be keenly aware of our lack of financial education. So reading these books and booklets coming from financial authorities (not necessarily academic authorities in economics) might help in enhancing ones financial knowledge or even sometime bringing a new knowledge to someone who had a non-working or a non-existent financial knowledge. I am not sure that this will guarantee that those who read it will necessarily have a financial makeover at the Bank account, just like reading the bible will not guarantee that you'll be able to experience everything you read in it. However it may well bring something new in your life and the accumulated knowledge (if correct) will have a favorable outcome to the reader in the short or the long run.

Armel Nouatin (a fellow member of J.C) once made a comment to me and other folks that reading is like an investment or to be blunt, it is an investment. Just as for any other good investment, there will be a time when you'll dearly appreciate the 'Investment return' of your long hours of investment in readings.

May the Lord bless you all in Jesus name, and may you make this coming year a year where you'll commit yourself to read at least one more book in addition of-course to your bible about any given subject that interest you. Who knows? maybe and hopefully you'll consider among your reading list my book "Help Me Understand Jesus". Smile

Have a Merry Christmas Season in Jesus' name!

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