jeudi 2 février 2012


Hello friends in the Lord,

Today I'd like to go on the same line of thought as Laurianne did on the Jeunnesse Chrétienne forum (J.C). Yes, she has touched my darling subject -- Leadership!

"... imagine how much we are missing if the genius that is crying out in you is not heard." - Lauri   

She ended her post with these above powerfully charged strings of words. Indeed! How much we have been missing all these times before she wrote this (smile) and all we are again missing all these times that you are not writing on J.C - correction - you are no sharing your thoughts on J.C!?

We have all been gifted by God with talents - and i am glad to announce that the ability of writing is not one of them - that is what i believe. Nope. Writing is not a talentlearned. It is not an inborn gift. It is a mean that we acquire through academic training in order to communicate with others. Some write loquaciously, other do them poetically if not artistically, again other do them casually or more, academically, or technically, or Rhetorically and even worse enigmatically and so on. Each style reflects a person natural talents, passions, interests and gifting - just trying to avoid saying the word 'character'.

Writing is just one of the many tools at our disposal. Find out other venues to express your gifting or talents and use them. Do it, and live without regrets.

Lauri attracted our attention on the fact that we need to find out our area of gifting and then capitalize on that. It is our role to find that out. It is our role to make the choice to use it/them. If we don't choose to act, then no one will choose to do that for us - for you. Her advise reminded me a quote I read once:

"Change Starts with the Recognition of One’s Own Role in the Change" - Unknown Author

This means that if you want to see meaningful change in society - workplace, school, family, etc - then you have also to find out what will be your contribution about that. Why? Because meaningful change doesn't happen by natural selection. It is not the product of wish and effortless dreams. Those kind of Changes have to be driven. They have to be attained by striving. They only occur by design not by chance.

So please, Next time you feel that you wanna do something noble and consonant with your talents -  Just Do It! Id you probably know your talents, or maybe you suspect its existence - then stop dragging your feet by asking yourself hundreds of unanswerable questions and stand up and Just Do It. Use it! Don't talk yourself out of it. We have this terrible habit to talk ourselves out of great opportunities and potentially great experiences. Please Don't Do That! Don't sabotage your progress and your genuine capacity to use your talents and gifting.

As of an example, I know someone in this forum who read the Bible regularly and i am sure that once in a while the person learn a thing or two that is exciting and worth sharing. However, the habit of postponing the sharing of it either in few words or even in few paragraphs depending on one's facility to write, has always prevented the person to share what could be potentially a blessing to others.

I don't have a remedy for such a person than to tell him/her, just do it and stop lamenting on your limitation. Work in the quadrant of your influence and not in the quadrant where you can't change anything. Choose well the sphere of your focus. Avoid any dispersal of your attention because of the unknown. Here is an imprefect example but an example nonetheless! When I wrote my book, I did it with a broken computer/laptop, loosing at time my files. Moreover three of my keyboard touch did not work (namely, the vowel 'o', the letters 'w' and 'q'), which left me with no other choice but to use new coding techniques to make them appear while i wrote. This took me twice the time to write a simple paragraph. If I had to rely on what i couldn't change and complained or waited for a better laptop - i would have still been waiting and never done it.

Certain things in life requires just that you take a bold step and just do them despite the limitations. Imperfection shouldn't be your deterrent in living out your dreams or in expressing your talent and gifting or passion. My dad always reminded me this concept: "C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron". Which means that swordsmith becomes one through practice.

My philosophy about it is this: don't wait to be a perfect 'lover' to love. Just love imperfectly however passionately with authenticity. You'll grow to become a better one. If you write, accept to write imperfectly however with passion and genuineness. You'll turn out to be a better writer with time. And so on!

Hence - Just Do It! ... and let this issue get out of your way! We need your talent - stop making us wait for nothing! Unnecessarily!

Yours in the Master' service.

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