vendredi 22 juin 2012

Open Challenge on Radio 10 - Debate

I have sent an announcement on KigaliLife, and i thought to myself, why not share it also on my blog?
So this is me sharing this with you.
Hello Kigali Lifers,

You probably have read some of my adverts here about my company El Puente on translation and interpretation services. Well, today i have something different in mind. I also host a weekly radio show at Radio 10 (87.6 FM) every Sunday from 9am to 10am on Religion, Spirituality and Society. I have had different kind of debates since January up to date. I hosted mild discussion to hot, burning debates though always respectful in a way. However, i never had a debate where two scholars or knowledgeable individuals from different school of thought engage in a constructive debate about the validity or benefit of religion or Christianity to Africans or to African countries.

So i wanted to know if any one would like to debate any of these proposition:

1. Is religion good for our society?
2. Is religion / Christianity needed in East Africa?
3. Is the lack of religion good for our society?
4. Is religion necessary for the 21st century?

Let me suggest the first one, 'is religion (particularly Christianity) good for our society?', can I have one person who believes in the negation of the proposition and who is willing to argue for that position? I have already found someone who is willing to argue (defend) the affirmative both in French and in English. So i need to find someone who can/is willing to argue for the negation of that proposition.

Please if you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please let me know via email - - and i'll get back to you with a possible format of the debate/dialogue for the show in the near future. Please contact me before Thursday!

My show is both in French and English, depending on whom my guests are. Between the 7th of July evening or 8th of July morning time, i'd like to host one of these debates / constructive dialogue (in English) on my show on radio 10 'Help Me Understand' Show.

Please spread the word as far as you can.
If you have a debate topic of interest, please feel free to write to me and we will see how we can accommodate that too.


Eric Gatera
CEO - El Puente ltd __'Bridging the Gap'
Presenter - radio 10 _ 'An un-examined belief is not worth believing'

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