jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Thanks Giving Day 2013

This year has started rather slow for me. I spent my New Year night alone battling sickness and wondering about what the new year would have in store for me. Having now reached the end of the year, and looking back i can't help but smile at the unexpected itinerary my life has taken. As a friend told me recently about what Steve Job said once, that it was impossible to connect the dot when you are looking forward (the future). But the dots makes more sense when you look at the past. In the same spirit as he did, i look backward and i can't stop smiling. I am grateful to God for:
  • I thank God for granting me the many financial opportunities since January up to August.
  • I am also grateful for the current consulting work that I am doing with the entrepreneurs. This one came quite unexpectedly.
  • I am grateful for my friend Armel Nouatin who has offered me the definitive Jesus' collection in the tome like Book: "The Resurrection of Jesus: A Historiographical Approach" by Dr. Michael Licona. 
  • How can i not be grateful to Michel Mbonyinkebe who share with me his debate-like-book on "Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views" - William L. Craig vs Gregory Boyd, et al. What an impressively clarifying book on the subject. I understood better Molinism and the Open view knowledge of God.
  • This list of books will be incomplete without mentioning the my compulsive reading of "Outliers". For this, i am grateful to Foyo who introduced me to the work of Malcolm Galdwell.
  • And though life is demanding and stressful, I cannot not be grateful  to my friend Nicole who through her network has manage once again to make me use my writing gifts in more ways than one. One particularly come to mind that surpass the others - if everything goes well according to plan, an essay that i wrote will be incorporated in a book soon to be released about Rwanda. Stay tuned for that! Will make the announcement when time comes! ;)
  • This year seems to have reserved the best for last - my soon to be wedding! I am quite excited about it. I am grateful for the woman who has accepted to share her life with me. Thank you Mia!
  • Thank you Ndatira for being the best ever coordinator. Thumbs up!
  • UPDATE: I am also so glad for all my friends and brothers who have been able to start living their dreams. :)
I am sure that regardless of how well or bad the year has been for all of us, we all have something to be grateful about. It just makes more sense to be grateful when you have someone toward whom to be grateful, and my greatest thanks goes to God who have purposed all those blessings along my way!

Happy Thanks-Giving to All in Jesus' name.

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