lundi 14 novembre 2011

Employee Performance -- Boss feedback

Several studies about the effect of job performance feedback have shown that feedback about job performance is crucial to motivate and encourage the desired actions for better performance (Cianci et al. 2009; McGee, 2005; Ardalan, 1994; Hillman et al., 1990; Margerison, 1988; Jones, 1980).
My friend Margaux added this: "So true!!I've been observing,how a certain mother treats a maid at home and I discouraged that she gets more and more discouraged when her boss shouts or even when she speaks with a tone that is not appreciative or loving...!! U can imagine the results...the maid doesn't treat the kids right and that poor performance that is caused by the mother herself."
In brief be a good boss and you'll have good employees!!!

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