samedi 26 novembre 2011

End 2011: It Is Time To Celebrate!!!!!

We are getting closer to the end of the year. Which means it is PARTY TIME! Right? The partying season has just started. Here are just some of those interesting events that fill this season: Halloween, Thanks-Giving Day (for the reasonable traditionalists), Turkey Day (for the unreasonable modernists), Christmas, New Year Eve, New Year After Party, Weddings, Birthday parties, imaginary birthday parties, School Holidays Parties, anniversaries of all sorts and ETC. With all these, you may feel at one point that your pockets and
your bank accounts will have holes - i don't mean little nails type of holes. I mean end of the world - ARMAGEDDONS Holes' type!!! But be assured, the fault ain't from your banks nor from your pocket design. The reason will be as always - YOU!! You'll have to bare the responsibility of your financial status by the end of this festive season.

You'll have to take ownership of your finances through the mastering of your desires and the ever increasing self-gratifying desire that shoot off on these festive season. What I can assure though, we can't avoid doing some fiesta time to time, especially if you are part of the 21st century youth. It is in our DNA to find excuses to party! The good news though, you can choose where to party, when to party, with who to party and how to party and most importantly how MUCH you'll party! That's the great blessing of free will. You can choose - hence don't be enslaved by peer-pressure. Don't even be a slave of your own emotions because if you are then the 2nd January 2012 - you'll be utterly, irrevocably and totally bankrupt! That's my prediction and it is as good as anything you can take to the bank! :)

When i was still in South Africa, i remember liquor advisement ending with note of caution: "Drink Responsibly". Well, that was so nice of them to say but they never showed nor even hinted how on earth are people supposed to 'Drink Responsibly' strong liquors! So i also feel like letting some of you down since
you just know within you without a shadow of a doubt that whatever i say and whatever you decide, you'll just end up the year with an empty bank account! You don't want that but you just know that this is inevitable. Not even EXORCISM can help you. Laying of hands will just leave you bald but sheer frequency of hands use on you as the weeks rolls down to the new year after parties!

It is at time like this that i will recommend you to re-read the Leadership posts i sent during this November month 2011 in the "ToDay with E.G series". I particularly recommend the use of the Table of priorities in my First Things First post. Make a draft of that table and as honestly as you can fill in the 4 quadrants:

Q1: Important/Urgent; Q2: Important/Not-Urgent
Q3: Not-Important/Urgent; Q3: Not-Important/Not-Urgent
Based on the availability of your funds, fill in the events and celebrations you want to attend. Correction, where did I have my head!? of course you WANT to attend all! Let me say it this way rather, start filling in the events and celebrations You NEED, You SHOULD and You HAVE TO attend as priorities!

In the rare case you happen to not know those priorities, and even by the end of re-reading the first 5 posts on Leadership you can't still figure out the priorities during this festive season and you still look at all the invitations for fiesta from friends, family, workplaces and the Media (News paper, e-News,TV and Radio) as events you NEED and HAVE TO attend - then my dear friend, YOU ARE TOASTED ... Completely!!!

Have a nice weekend in Jesus' name.

P.S: I feel good - Christmas is upon US! Don't U feel that ....  Euphoria ?

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