mardi 8 novembre 2011

Guys, you've got only 3 minutes!

Few years back, I was on  a queue at a movie theater close by home with two lady friends of mine. As we waited to be served I got curious and asked those lovely ladies by my side about their take on male-female relationships. Why are you girls so inaccessible to guys some times. After a moment of chuckling and teasing each others, they looked me seriously and squarely and told me something that i never heard before at that time. One of the ladies was the first to reveal the secret. A woman knows from the first moment she looks at a guy if she can go out with him or not. The other young lady nodded approvingly at what she was saying. Interesting, they were both from different countries and had a different educational background. Nevertheless, that cultural difference between them didn't change a thing on their appreciation of the male-female relationship. The question I still had in mind was 'at what time exactly do they know that?' And more importantly 'can they revert their verdict once they have taken it?' This last one i haven't found a consistent answer to that. However for the first one I did. It came to me years after the event.

Three minutes. 180 seconds. That's how long a man has before a woman categorizes him into one of two slots: "yeah, I would" or "no, I would never". New study says:

"The average female spends 180 seconds sizing up a man's looks and fashion sense as well as appraising his scent, accent and eloquence, the Daily Mail reports. Women are also quick to judge how a man interacts with her friends and whether or not he is appropriately successful or ambitious. The study found women are reluctant to change their minds about a man and are likely to believe "they are always right' in their judgements."

Check more on that here. As Vox Day remarked If you've only got three minutes before you are judged, you had better be sure to make the most of the time allotted.

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