mardi 8 novembre 2011

'Help Me Understand' blog is officially now Running!!

I can't imagine that i have finally opened up a blog. Writing come to me easily but i never saw my-self as a popular writer. I have been moderating forums since the year 2006 and wrote quite profusely since, however it has always been done in the sanctity and privacy of the Forums. Commenting on those forums were always done per invitation. I know what you think - Secret Society. Wrong! Nothing like that.

Anyway, I guess this is me moving away from my half-decade shackles of private forum moderation.

However, it is not due to sheer pleasure of my own that i have decided to go to the wild. Yeah, internet unrestricted discussion forum can be wild at time. I have been in them since 2003. I have been asked repeatedly by some friends that i should make my written thoughts public. People out there might just like it, love it or love to disagree with it I was informed. I was warned though that not everybody are interested to be helped, nor will they be convinced that my worldview will be of any practical help to their needs. That's ok though.

So whatever the outcome in this new venture turn out to be, I welcome you all at "Help Me Understand". What will I help you understand? Well ... stay tuned and you'll find out soon enough.

Only one rule do I have for now - You are requested to be courteous and civil while you indulge in your eclectic writings. You have the right to be funny or even provocative but not obscene. 


P.S: I am looking forward in learning and exchanging with people from all backgrounds - social, racial and ideological.

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