samedi 26 novembre 2011

Thanksgiving still continues for me ...

I didn't ask for prayer last time but I know that some of you prayed for me since I kept hearing from more than one, that i am kept in people's prayer. Thank You so much for that! I am grateful to the Lord for inspiring you to support me in your prayers.

Last weekend I had the grace and privilege to speak to two different congregation. I spoke at the English service of the Eglise Vivante Church on Sunday morning. My good lady friend that I'll keep anonymous extended to me yet again another invitation to her church.

Given the topic of the Church, i managed to speak about the Patriarch's of the old testament. I shared about their inward fights as represented by the life of Salomon and the children of Israel's life lesson in the book of Judges. Afterward, i received a positive feedback from some members of the audience and i was pleased. :)

Later on the same day, I was invited to share some leadership values to a class of S.P college members. It is not a religious organization, but a secular one that has among its goals to help people live their lives successfully out of debts and so on based on workable principles. It was a privilege to have had been invited as a keynote speaker at their class. In brief i ended my day a bit tired but pleased by what the Lord in His mercy had wrought for me. I am expecting even more from Him in the next future as per His graces and everlasting compassion.

Finally as a last point, yesterday at Living Word I had the privilege to be part in an educative forum about what may be entitled in many ways: "SPIRITUAL FIGHT", "SPIRITUAL COMBAT" or "SPIRITUAL WAR". It was just great. We had a nice sharing under the leadership of Pitou. Those who haven't experience Pitou in a Forum, then I don't know how to explain his style to you. Il faut le vivre LIVE pour le comprendre. ;) .. I also happened to have had the privilege to share a word or two at the end of the event as per the request of the Forum emcee - Pitou. Again the response was positive - and this makes me want to give thanks to God for that today, even if thanksgiving day is already past. :D

So thank you again all of you, my silent prayer partners. May the Lord bless you abundantly for all your doings in Jesus' name! ;)

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  1. We cannot thank you enough for all your input in other people lives. May God bless u for ur good work

  2. Thank you for the kind words. It is very encouraging to hear that we add value to other people's life!