dimanche 19 août 2012

God in Me: Mary Mary (My take on that)

Thank You A. for sharing that youtube critics of the Mary-Mary song: "The God in Me". I wasn't able to finish all the 8 youtubes. I just heard two of them and i immediately thought it will be good to hear the song for myself. And i did that. I heard more than 2 times, and i just loved it!

Now this need some explanation!

The Mary-Mary detractor is not ill-motivated. I guess his concern is legitimate. And few years ago i would have agree with him. And even better, i would have attacked the R'nB style in which it is done. Actually when he started his first
9min commentary he said he will prove that it is not a christian song. Well, since i don't believe in Christian song existence any longer, i wasn't impress already. But i guess he meant a religious song that borrows on Christian worldview. However the song is indeed a song with a strong religious message. Either it is from God or not that is the issue of the discussion but it is a religious song. Am i saying by this then that the song is based on proper theology? Not necessary. Actually, i found many of the "Christian songs" lacking too of strong renewal message. They speak about praising God but don't tell us really why!? Some of them really lacks profondeur but we put up with them and sing them anyway.

It is clear that he (the detractor) is not dissecting it with the clip imagery in mind. After i watched the clip; that's when i understood what the Mary ladies meant. They are using what is known as the "Holiness Message". Message that predate Pentecostalism. It's the message that says that if you are holy or if you live a life of devotional holiness people will see it. Even your clothes and everything you have or do will attract people attention on you or will show Christ. I know well this message for i used to preach it too. I didn't stop because i disagree with it though but because i got interested in other topics.

The difference with the new usage of this Holiness message is that people no longer attribute it to poverty only. In the past, someone could have well said, although i do no drive and i live an absolutely modest life in a very humble house, people wanders why? and they want to be in my life because of the presence of God. It is the Holiness message that conveyed the idea that if you pray alot, God can make you attractive to people as they wonder the reason of you being special even in your want or deprivation.

But that time is long gone! Since that time, people have stopped making the distinction between possessing wealth vs holiness. So now the same argumentation remained but only the example changed. Now we hear how people succeed in the same level as the unbelievers and sometime less well than them but the success of the believer(s) seem to speak more. And this is exactly what is seen in the clip. They are not talking to poor people about how good it is to have material things as the author of the youtube led me to believe at first.

No! But rather they are showing a room filled with glamorous people and the thing is, they are not even the best dressed people in that 'premier' setting, but when they pass people get their attention caught and shows it. And the singers say the reason for this
is because they have a secret. Their secret they inform us is when they go home they kneel down and PRAY.  And they say, you don't know how much i sacrificed, how much i changed and so on and they end with the repetitive chorus, it's God in Me. This is typically Pentecostalism. Not traditional Pentecostalism though but "liberal"/ modern Pentecostalism.

So if the critic really wanna stop that song message, he should speak with the modern preachers. The ladies have just put in that song what almost every christian there believes. And they did that by using their own personal life 'story'. If they were students, they'll probably use that setting with appropriate example. Here they use examples of a Super Star-like life. And it seems that they are sending that message to folks of the same social status as themselves if the clip serves as a guide.

So saying there are not preaching the entire Gospel of Christ, is just too much to ask for a song of 3 min 14 sec. And i'm sure he sings also many songs that cannot raise up to the standard he puts on this Mary-Mary song. There is just so many things that he said in these 2 youtubes that i don't have time to write about. He did presuppose alot and that's where he went off-track to my observation. If he wants to take them apart, i'm sure there are more legitimate way of doing that, but this one that he raised so far i heard, is not the way. 

P.S: in case you wander, i am not a Mary Mary fan. In all their songs that i've heard, i only liked two. And i've got two of their albums. Their music style is not really my style. I just wanted to clarify that.

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