lundi 28 octobre 2013

GRAVITY - The Movie

2013_gravity_movie-wideTwo weeks ago, with my date (Lisette) we went to see the so much advertised movie, Gravity. It was with pleasure that we entered the Kigali Century Cinema on the look out for that specific movie experience. It just happened that Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite female actress. And George Cloney one of Lisette most charming male actor. So our expectation was rather high. Unfortunately we encountered two specific hurdle:

1) We arrived 5 minutes after the movie had started. But we were able to catch up on the story line quite easily. 2) The 3-D cinema hall was down! So we missed the absolutely beautiful cinematographic experience we were all expecting! Watching Gravity on 2-D just makes you wonder how much more amazing the experience could have been on 3-D.

Despite these hurdles, we pretty much enjoyed the movie. The story line was quite appealing. Here is a PhD scientist - Ryan (Sandra Bullock) - who had suffered a deep tragedy on earth. This single tragedy made her a solitary woman. And space, provided her the comfort of being alone. She had lost her personal gravity that linked her to other human being. And this is what makes the movie quite interesting. Due to a series of unfortunate events in space, all the astronauts either lost their lives or lost their footing and got lost into space. The only option to survive is to find a way to go back to earth. Ryan had nothing to go back to on earth, but her desire to survive made her want to go back to earth more than anything. It is as if she started to find back her own gravity that would make her connect with the society she had rejected because of her personal grief.

I enjoyed the movie. I believe i would have enjoyed it even more, if the 3D room was not out of service.

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