mercredi 16 juillet 2014

The First Rwandan Drones - Built in Rwanda!

Well, well, well .. who would have thought that we could have drones in Rwanda? Certainly not me. But a certain young man, Eric Rutayisire, thought it could be a good idea, so he built some.

No kidding, this isn't a science fiction nostalgia that i have, he really did it! I met the guy! :)

These machines have struck fear in the heart of modern men due to its military uses by American military institutions. However, we learnt from Eric that drones could also be used for many other purposes than just war or targeted elimination.

Eric Rutayisire, a US educated Rwandan, just started a company in Kigali, Rwanda that design and build drones for Rwanda, and possibly for the region. He was interviewed recently by the Rwandan Television.

He presented his project with some pleasant demonstration as this can readily be seen on this Youtube video.

He asserts that his drones could be used not only for reinforcing surveillance, but also for agriculture purposes, architectures, landscaping and in many more other innovative ways.

This is just great!

Eric, this is the way to go man! Keep up the good work. We wish you all the best of luck as you try to commercialize this Rwandan innovation!

To all, please check the link:

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