jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Unapologetic Apologetist

From Apologetic315 website
Even before i was introduced into the current form of rational defense of the Christian faith (apologetic) through authors such as C.S Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, etc. I had already been involved into a different kind of apologetic. I was fighting my own war to survive the assaults of Jehovah Witnesses, Brahnamists and propagandist Muslims. It wasn't long before i discovered that Islamist speakers had a very ferocious animosity toward Christianity. It was the year 2003 when I discovered their literature. The time was really an inhospitable time for me. I had just recovered - correction - I was recovering slowly from my rampant disappointment with God and my dark spiritual year of 2002. These had left me a bit shaken and flirting with skepticism.

So meeting the Islamic apologists writings in 2003, as well as the indefatigable atheists critics made me realized that I needed to do more than just survive the onslaught as I did with the Jehovah Witnesses and the Brahnamists. Those two new groups were serious and I knew that even in my best day I wasn't capable of
handling them. That is when i started praying specifically for that. My prayer was simply an echo of a prayer I had started to make since 2001. But this time it was urgent and serious. I simply requested God that I should be made able to share my faith with people not holding the same view as mine. People who might reject what I embrace and not having the same frame of reference or even having an opposite worldviews than mine became my new obsession. Honestly, I didn't really believe that I would be answered. Yeah my skepticism accompanied me during my prayers too. But I still asked God that because I knew if I did not evolve in my spirituality, there would not be any more vibrant spirituality left in me that He could use for His Glory. I knew it I was on very dangerous grounds.

From Apologetic315 website
God in His graciousness sent me two kind of apologists on my way. I have already spoken of the first kind in my last post on William Lane Craig and you might also be very familiar with them too. See a small list of them at the beginning of this post. The second group were Christian apologists and evangelists toward Muslims. This latter group never had the same effective effect on me as the former group but they helped me still. The one I found to have been the most helpful was Jay Smith. I read him between 2003 and 2004, and I was impressed by his assurance and his knowledge about both Christianity and Islam. So it is in remembrance of how the Lord had rescued me and the person that He had used to do it, that i wanted to share this link from Christianity Today (CT) about Jay Smith. I hope you'll find this Christian character as intriguing as i had found him couple of years back!

May the Lord equips you to know and to serve your master where he has placed you. For God do everything for a purpose. Your current need, or your current location has a purpose. Try to find out what it is and then live your life in its fulness according to Christ!

Have a blessed Christmas season in Jesus name.

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