mardi 27 décembre 2011

Changing Church

Time has really changed. We barely noticed that because we are so in hurry and involved in a busy life. But i still remember the time when Church attendance was more traditional. It was the time when we still carried our Bible under our arms. And this wasn't long ago in the past. This was the late 90's and early 21st Century. Few even feel the need to even go anymore to attend Church physically. Most of us have just recently learned to follow church sermons and services online. Before, we used to spend time at Christian Bookstores and queue to buy books related to our spirituality. Now we have Amazon and all kind of online bookstores. In brief, things have changed significantly.
Here some of their findings relating to mobile technology in the Church:
  • 74% of Church members read an eBible.
  • 21% discourage reading eBibles.
  • 8.2% say the use of technology goes against tradition.
  • 1.4% believe there are theological problems regarding the use of technology.
  • 1.9% of Churches have decided to avoid or limit the use of technology.
And with change comes some measure of fear and possibly a level of instability in our practices. I am certainly for the use of technology and i can not agree with the naysayers. However i understand at an extent their concern about the invasion of technology into our Christian services and events. The question is now, what should be the limit of using those new gadgets. What to say about those 'tweeting' during services or else? These are some of the interesting questions I am curious to hear answers about. In all we are doing, let us be purposeful otherwise we run the risk of abusing our greatest generational blessing. As Vox Day said about the suffering and persecuted Christians around the world: 
"We pray that their faith will be rewarded and their suffering will be eased; may they pray that our faith will survive our wealth and comfort."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 in Jesus' name.

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