mercredi 28 décembre 2011

The Truth About Prayer

The year is dying on us. In few days, we are jumping into a new year. We have all made plans for the new year night. Partying, drinking, singing, eating, chatting, dancing and probably more. I, for one, will be doing all of these with one more activity on the 31st December night - I'll be giving a keynote speech at the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International evening Diner. A very demanding task and a tough assignment. Matter of fact, I forgot one more activity. I will be also praying.

As a Christian, we have the privilege to speak to God and this is usually referred in the Scripture as Praying. Prayer has its enormous benefits as a life changing spiritual practice and also as a real life altering weapon. Christians have written a lot about the theological benefits of prayer, and I have read many of them. I have even mentioned some of them here that left an in-print in my life.   

Though the spiritual benefits of prayers have been profusely cataloged and taught, another sphere of prayer benefits has recently emerged away from theology. A group of curious researcher seemed to have been wondering about prayer. These guys wanted to know the truth about prayer. They came out of their investigation with these conclusions:
This video reveals how prayer actually changes four distinct areas of the human brain: the frontal lobe, the anterior cingulate, the parietal lobe, and the limbic system. It also details how a specific amount of prayer time per day can help prevent memory loss, mental decline, and even dementia or Alzheimer’s.
Plus, it covers 47 scientifically proven benefits of prayer, including pain relief, reduced risk of death from heart attack or stroke, lessened anxiety or depression, improved immune function, and more.

This is great news to prayerful folks. I hope you consider making it part of your new year resolution and your life now on. Stop mocking those who pray - join them instead!

Have a Happy New Year in Jesus' name.

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