jeudi 29 décembre 2011

How To Succeed With New Year Resolutions - 2012

Hello all and welcome into the new year 2012. This post is just to call your attention about how you lived last year and how you are preparing to face up the future in this new year. Allow me to start my introduction with this comment:
"Have you ever made a New year's resolution and given up a few weeks or maybe a few hours into the new year? You are not alone. Researchers have discovered that 25 percent of New Year's resolutions are abandoned within the first week; 60 percent are gone within six months. Of those who fail, the majority will make the same resolution year after year for as long as ten years before they either give up or finally succeed in making a change that lasts for a least six months." (Christian Counseling, page 5. Gary R. Collins, Ph.D.; 2007)
Not very encouraging, heun?! You are right unless you do some things about it. Some things differently. Brian Tracy in his book, 'The million dollars habits', reveals that close to 4% of all those who make new year resolution without writing them up succeeds and more than 60% of those writing their new year resolutions do achieve them. What does it mean to us? It means that most of our new year resolution are often presented not as resolution but as simple wishes. Any serious resolutions are like agreements and agreement are not just verbally or imaginatively taken but they are lay down - written down. The difference between the new year resolutions agreement to other businesses or professional agreements, is that the new year resolutions are often/mostly agreement with ourselves.

Isn't it strange that when we make an agreement with ourselves we do them lightly? we do not take it seriously to the point of 'scriptwriting' it. Especially when we consider that we will live with the choices we will make and take! The year 2011 is gone and what we were not able to accomplish is also gone with it. But thank be to God we do have this new year 2012. Please, make the best of it starting by writing down and planning how to reach your expectations.

Here are some stuffs you may want to consider doing this year among many:

1. There is so many languages around you, why not plan to try and learn one new one this year.
2. There is so many knowledge preserved in books, why not start reading books on subjects that you have recently developed interest.
3. Why not starting reading one new book per month or old interesting books that you can't remember details in order to further your knowledge or your expertise?
4. Consider learning one new sport or starting going to the gym this year.
5. What about learning a new dance style or enhancing the level of the one you already know?
6. What about learning a new musical instrument?
7. Or starting reading your whole Bible within a year?

All these are good resolutions but unless it is written down with an action plan, they will just stay mere wishes or mood whims. I can only hope that you will use your intellect and your faith in God to make those dreams and wishes come into realization during this year 2011.

Remember that a year has 52 weeks. Make them count. Do not delay to take a prompt and proactive actions.

Best of luck for the year 2012 in Jesus' name.
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