mardi 3 janvier 2012

New Year 2012

Hello Everybody,

I am glad to be alive on the start of this new year and i hope you are too. This new year 2012 has started with new opportunities for me and i hope it will go on like that for the rest of year.

Before i say anything, i would like to thank everybody who have been praying for me all along the year 2011. I had a lot of religious public speaking scheduled all around the clock last year. I really needed prayers to go through them all and i am grateful for your assistance. All of them went well without any exception which is amazing by itself. I couldn't have done them without your support. Moreover my book release was a huge burden on me as some of my closest friends and associates may testify.

My last speaking engagement was on new year eve at the Christian Business Men banquet. The time was short and the expectation was high - so i was warned before the event. I wasn't even able to pray for myself. Through out the day preceding the banquet i was under important pressure. An to alleviate them, i subjected my mind in watching endless movies after movies but to no avail. Despite my short comings, God's grace sustained me and all the feedback of  those who spoke to me in attendance at the banquet were more than just favorable - some where literally excited. I can only thank God for his overwhelming presence and grace. And also my thanks goes to all those who prayed for that event. I ended my year beautifully and filled with gratitude.

This year has started with its own challenges. This Saturday I am finally going on air at Radio 10. It is the start of a long adventure with the media. I need great wisdom and eloquence in order to be both relevant and entertaining. So pray for me. All the time you might just happen to think of me. Even when devouring a double cheese-beef burger at your favorite fast food. If you ever think of me in the process .. don't stop eating just mentally whisper a word or two on my behalf to God so that i can live out his blessing on the 'Help Me Understand' show. This show will happen every week from now on. Hence i submit to you my request for a weekly intercession on my behalf.

On Sunday, I have been invited to share a word or two at the English service at Eglise Vivante - Kigali. Starting time 8:00-10:00 am. Please keep me in your prayers so that i can give a meaningful message to my audience.

Beside that, Maurice and I have started a business on document translations and more. The details on that will be shared with you on due time. We are already operational, thanks again to the gracious hands of God who gave us pleasant customers at the very start of our business venture. I hope it continues like that.

I haven't done any particular new year resolution except to spend more time in prayer and reading for this first month. Then I'll see what kind of new year resolution i could handle in this year 2012.

As I end, you may have heard that in December 2012 It will be the end of the world AGAIN! Well, don't believe a word of that. During the course of this year I will be coming back to this prediction based on the Mayan Calender thousand of years ago. I have been exposed to this 2012 end of the world prediction since 2005-2006, and I believe i do have a word or two to say about it, since we are finally here -  in 2012.

Have a blessed day and week and especially a blessed year 2012 filled of God's grace and favor in Jesus' name.

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  1. Happy New Year Eric! May God bless your plans and give you more than you expect....

  2. Thanks. May the Lord bless you in this year too.