mardi 10 avril 2012

The Courage To Bring Change

We are in a new year and we all are hoping to see some changes in our lives and around us. As Christian we
really should also be thinking in those same terms. We definitely need change in our personal life if not 

A Mom, ‘Candy Lightner', saw her 13 year old girl be killed by a drunken hit and run driver as she walked
down a suburban street in California. The year was in 1980. She made a promise to herself after beeing struck by 
this tragedy. She resolved that this will never happen again to other moms'! Later, she founded an association called
 MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Few years later her voice reached the United State Supreme Court,
 and that led to a change of policy in the whole country in 1987. Though she was not influent at the beggining, her
association after 7 years changed the rule of the land.

A young black minister, recently graduated from Boston University, was struck with the utter indifference and
social intolerance in his country. He fought to revert the stream. Today he is remembered as one of the most 
respected civil right leader of his country. His name is Martin Luther King Jr.

A short and animated leader gave rise to what the world will never forget in 1940's. Hitler was singularly
responsible for the annihilation of 6 millions of Jews. After the sacrilegious events of the 40's, Jews all around the
world said "NEVER AGAIN" and boys they meant it! Today Hitler is probably the most hated dictator of all time.
Even though unscrupulous man such as Stalin singularly was responsible for more killing than Hitler, Stallin slaughted
15 millions of his own people, but Hitler is still regarded as THE villain of villains.

All this just to show you that change can happen, but it doesn't happen by chance, or merely by accident.

First, a change and reformation comes when we cannot and will no longer tolerate a situation. Second, we need
more than just to be dissatisfied about a situation, we also need to provide an alternative to the unpleasant 
situation we are trying to change. Negative thoughts and mere speeches will not take us where we desire to be.

Now, do you want to see a change? Or launch a movement? Do not only be "Anti- what you despise" but be "Pro - whatever change you want to see". Believe in your dream, dream big and embrace the change the 'Dream' brings
to your life.

I hope everybody reading this will take heed of the opportunity the new millennium has brought to us and may
God make our countries incredibly productive in Jesus’ name. This is my wishes to all of you who will read it and 
will start living your 'dreams' by God’s grace.
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