mardi 1 mai 2012

The Role Of Failure In Life

Early in 2009, i read this master piece of one of my best Christian apologist writer. Curiously the written work was not about apologetic. Here is what he had to say:
"I have been a Christian for over thirty years. I estimate that in my Christian lifetime I have attended upward of a couple of thousand church services, hundreds of chapels at Wheaton College, and scores of Christian meetings at retreats, conferences, and so on, held by Campus Crusade and other groups. Yet during this entire time I have never once—not a single time in the thousands of meetings over some thirty-odd years—heard a speaker address the subject of failure. In fact, I probably would not myself have reflected seriously on the topic if it had not been for a crushing failure that drove me to face the problem personally"
You can read this amazing anecdotal commentary by clicking here.

Why do i want to post about failure when the revival is so obvious among us? Just kidding about the revival thingy. But i am serious though about this topic of failure. Well, as much as i like success, i'm also a bit of a realist and not merely an idealist. Life being what it is, failure/hard time will certainly be our portion time to time. And by experience i have noticed that when people within a group are having a great time, others in the same group can have the worst time ever, and suffer silently for fear of being misunderstood by the overly undisciplined and unstoppable optimists. So this is addressed to those who feel like standing on the sideline and wonder what went wrong, and feel like they wanna rethink about their lives and future plans.

Just remember that whatever you are passing through is meant to be temporal and somehow educatif. If you learn your lessons fast, you'll probably be an asset to the kingdom of God.

Have a blessed day and week in Jesus' name.
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