dimanche 19 août 2012

God and Creation (Question)

I received these questions, and i thought sharing them with you:


1) If God work is perfect& he is all knowin why did he wait to realize adam would be lonely before he popped eve?....etc....is creation a continuous process?
2)there was no point in creating lucifer anyway...because he would rebell anyway....there would be no need for hell since he is a loving God..there would be no tempter to adam/eve...we would not need to work our*** with (fear & trembling) coz we would be in heaven anyway...

My Answer:

These are interesting questions. It seems that we can't go on in Christian life without stopping once in a while and think about what we really believing and if they still make sense to us to the point where we reach in life. Staring with the first question.

The account of Genesis chapter 1 and 2 shows us for a matter of fact that creation is progressive. God did not made everything at once. He brought His creation one step at a time. He never revealed why do things in several steps instead of in one step. However this doesn't in anyway negate the reality of His purpose in doing things. Delay is creation is not a mark of imperfection. There is no contradiction between those two concept. Something else too, the first two chapter of Genesis doesn't inform the reader that God did everything perfect. It informs us regularly instead that after each steps of creation, God's creation was GOOD. The last step of creation was VERY GOOD.

As for the second point, it seems that God's intention in creating that archangel was so that he could bring light - as his name suggest. Lucifer can be translated as 'The Bringer of Light'. Which is quite a pretty name. God also intended for men to represent Him on earth and to subdue all creature. But none of them - neither Lucifer who became Satan, nor holy men (Adam and Eve) who became depraved men stuck with God's plan for them. The reality of rebellion is not enough to deter God to bring the creation He loved into existence. Just like the reality of having teenagers who will rebel against us, doesn't prevent loving parents to want to experience the joy of bringing a new life on this world, despite that fearful future possibility. God did not simply brought His creation into existence, but he also prepared in advance a remedy to fix things when things will go wrong. 

The point being: Love always takes risk. The risk of being Hurt. God is love, hence He is the biggest risk taker that i know.

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  1. thxs 4 ur answer but u forgot to answer 1. is creation a continuous process?