mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Found My New Disney Princess

I know i know, you must think i am loosing it ... but nope! I am not. Watching  the new Walt Disney (3D) movie "Tangled", i have just .. i mean .. i have just loved it! Absolutely great! I watched it twice. The characters ... all of them deserves an winning Oscar for best actors and actresses. Too bad they aren't real individuals. Maximus deserves a double Oscar! Forget about Johny Jumper - Luky Luke horse- Maximus is the real deal! the best horse i have EVER .. EVER seen! He is what you would call a militarized horse! LOL ... i just laughed, and laughed and re-winded the movie and laughed and laughed again! oh my gosh .. what a  stupid horse! lol

But these are just the background characters. You should see her! She is not your usual Walt Disney princess. She is a strong, naive, intrepid, fun to watch and confused little thing. She knows what she wants of life and she also happens to be a very poor judge of people character. Troubles follow her every way and can't just leave her alone. And i can't finish without saying that she has long hair! Wow ... you've got to see her hair! I am serious, it is long and beautiful. This might strikes you as strange but she is at the same time a blond and a brunette. For that you've got to discover the reason by yourself when you watch the movie.

Oops, i almost forgot, her name is ... 'Rapunzel'. I know, that's a strange name for a cutie like her ... but having had the childhood she had, and the mother she had, she is lucky at least to have had a name. lol

Then comes your not so much prince charming. But unlike the snow white prince charming type, Flynn Rider (Eugene) is your typical alpha male, not-nice-guy type. Just the way ladies like them. What a show off ... i kinda wanted to meet him in real life though! He's so funny! However Rapunzel, she is even more so funny!

So what did i mean by new princess? Well i thought of titling it, the ladies i would have dated if i was a Disney character but i remembered that all of them get married at the end of the fairy tale and the Bible prevent me to envy the wife of my neighbor, so i dropped the titled. I know, i know you say they are
just "cartoon neighbors", yep, but they are neighbors still. Grin.

OK, joke aside! Let just say few ladies really captured me in Walt Disney history. The very best of them all is Princess Anastasia from Russia! Beautiful, a number one teaser, insightful and has a strong personality. The movie itself deserved the best movie awards. The second, Meg from Hercules. Independent woman, fragile at heart in her random moment of inattention when she isn't playing hard to get. Third, princess Yasmin from Aladdin. She is just clever, not easily manipulated, great judge of character in her best moment and she is an attractive beauty. And my last princess is belle from beauty and the beast. Unquestionably beautiful as her name clearly indicates and quite an intellectual like her dad. Clearly not an independent woman, even though people still think that she was. She just needed to meet the right guy (not Mr. nice guy a.k.a the Beast) to take her away from her books. And romance came to her quite easily since that encounter.

Today, i am proud to add a new recruit to my princess list. Rapunzel, the lost princess. Genuinely charming, funny, strong like an amazonian lady and great wit. She is entertainingly great! She reminds me of all her predecessors listed above. You've got to watch her.

Looks like Walt Disney has once again reminded me that they are still around and that they can be the BEST when they want to! The songs weren't that great at least not as great as in Aladdin, Lion King I and II and Anastasia but it did the job though in bringing some 'enchantment' here and there in the movie. I need to watch it again! smile

Hope you get your copy and enjoy the amazing animation. If there is any artist among us, you'll just be amazed by the animation and everything artistic in it! Let me know of what you think of the visual effect if you watch it.

Have a nice day in Jesus name.
P.S: There is also an interesting review of the movie at Colson's website from a religious stand point.

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