lundi 21 novembre 2011

ToDay with E.G: AMBASSADORS! Part 9

Interesting times! We are living in very interesting times indeed.

Few Sundays, I had the privilege to be part of the Leadership Prayer Breakfast of our high ranking officials. Two groups of people were there. Political officials and Representatives of organizations. The main speaker was an American Pastor and Leadership author - Dr. Dale Burke who gave us an interesting presentation on "How to be a Leader and Still have a life". It was funny, interesting and educative.

The whole Breakfast event ended up with me and probably many other people astonished when the President of the Parliament led us in what seemed to be a three to four minutes long prayer. As the President of the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship - Antoine Rutayisire commented on the surprise he had just had and
realized that we have pastor's material in the Government. How many people do you know can pray coherently with theological soundness for almost 5 minutes? I was impressed. We all pleasantly laughed, given the serendipity of the prayer's content.

This reminded me of St. Paul comments, "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ" in 2 Corinthians 5:20. In every spheres of life we are placed by God, let's remember that we represents more than ourselves - more than our own interests and ideals, we represents Him - we represent Christ. Let's then be good
ambassadors. That's Christ style of Leadership - Ambassadors.

What is an Ambassador anyway? I have a definition of Ambassador which aren't that different from the dictionary one: "An ambassador is an official envoy who represents the cause and interest of a nation or an organization."

And this kept me thinking since. Then two other pleasant surprises came to my attention this week. It came from two young Rwandans. The first came from Jean Michel H. and the other From Sarah M.K.

Jean Michel is running for being an African Ambassador, you can check his short presentation here.  I loved it and I wish him to nail the votes too. His pro-activity is impressive and should be encouraged and imitated.

Sarah on the other hand is running for Miss Afrique in Montréal/Canada. When i saw that i was like, 'goodness - she must have swallowed her fears or something!' Just standing there and daring to advertise herself for that position made me proud of her. That's really courageous. Check her brief presentation here.

These two folks are trying to become ambassadors of a cause. Yeah, even being a Miss is an ambassador task. I worked for a while with the office of Miss South Africa in early 2008 as a representative of my University and I can tell you from experience, there is more to this task than pageant-walking!

Why am I telling you all that? Because, for you and I, we are already ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). We have to realize that. The task is not always glamorous for the one we represents have many enemies and it is not always easy because His ideals and plans are beyond imaginable. That is why you have to have the leadership ability to recognize opportunities. A leader has and must have a wider vision. He sees opportunities and openings others don't usually see. And even when others may see those opportunities and shrink back, only the leaders at heart can take the outrageous, audacious and daring decision to step up for the sake of those whom S/HE represents.

They are time when Leaders should wear the ambassador's clothes. They should know the expectation of those s/he represents and subsequently be in the 'quivive' for the door-knocking opportunities, and finally s/he should muster enough courage, boldness and inner strength to step in the gap as solution providers -
a mediator between a need and a satisfaction, between a problem and a solution.

You and I are called to do that daily. Because daily we should bear our cross and that shows courage and determination. Everyday we should carry our cross for that show clear vision and a purpose driven life as disciples of Christ. Everyday we should take our cross for it is a sign that we are also mindful of the risk - we are risk-takers and not only 'comfort-zone' chillers. Knowing this will help you in more than just in church.

Not only i encourage my two country-folks overseas in taking the bold steps but I also encourage my J.C audience to stand up and stop living for their-selves and remember that you have been made ambassadors so that you may also live for others. Be God's leaders and representatives everywhere you are, everywhere you go and in Everything you do!

May the Lord be with you all in Jesus' name.

  Sarah MK follow up challenge as Miss Afrique Montréal (MAM) is up. Check here.

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