samedi 10 décembre 2011

Blessing: A personal testimony

I wrote this post below couple of months back. It just crossed my mind to share it with you. In re-reading part of it, i was reminded again about God's unfailing support. This is a personal testimony. At least it reflects the way i personally interpret the experience on that day.
The day before yesterday (Wednesday) as i was listening to Tigana's sermon and Matchu's exhortation-testimony at the Living Word Association, I was reminded of the importance of something precious to the Christian life - searching for God and receiving His revelation daily.

The reason is simple. Tuesday morning of this week before i reached my workplace in the morning, i was praying and speaking to God as usual when a thought came to my mind and persisted for a minute or so. By faith, i decided to take it as a directive from God and applied it as i prayed. The thought that came was simply a question. Here is the question: "It's been a long time since you have searched for God blessing with regard to your work, don't you think?". So i started doing what i usually do in those instances. I gave thank to God for blessing me in Christ as it is written in the Ephesian epistle. I praised him for the blessing given to father Abraham that is now mine in Christ as per the information provided in the Galatians letter. I made some proclamation based on what i could remember from Deuteronomy 28 in connection with 2 Corinthians 1:20. And that was it! It seemed to have been just an other uneventful spiritual practice.

Three hours after that we had a situation at work. It was more like an emergency. An urgent meeting was done and i was given an impossible task! I was requested to do my best in collaboration with the head administration in my work-province to get some important documents signed by diverse parties within 2 - 3 days. It was quite an daunting task since my past experiences about getting through the red-tape of the administration with regard with similar paper work took me in 2010 one full month and few weeks and in early 2011 it took me almost a month. Now i was asked to try my best and get not only one such document but two in less than a week.

I'll spare you the gruesome details .. smile .. and say this briefly. I did what i usually did and the people i needed were as busy as they usually were (some even more) and i got those two documents stamped, signed by diverse parties in exactly 1h 30 minutes. I came back to my workplace with both administrative
documents waving them to those who literally wished me good luck as i left them almost an hour ago. I said to them: "i got both of them". They couldn't believe. Actually, one didn't want to believe. One of my colleague who have been working there for a decade now refused to believe me and ask for the proof. She said i want to see it. I don't believe you. That was an easy proof to provide since i had it within my reach - the smoking gun. And she asked me, 'how did you do that? How come?' My answer was simple. I prayed! We both laughed and i overheard her saying to the rest of our colleagues as i left their workstations and was out of sight "Mbeg' umwana ufite ukwizera!!!" ... i smiled to myself as i kept walking and i thought this is not really my faith as much as it is the morning blessing surprisingly hovering over me that day.

I thought writing that that same evening but one thing prevented me. I had another administrative challenge i needed to take care of again the following day in another province. I wanted to see if i could repeat the experience one more day and in a different setting and in a different city. So next morning, as you can imagine i started the day thanking God for the day before and for His incredible favor and i told him that i needed Him again on this new day with the blessing. I prayed differently than the day before but the prayer intention and content was the same.

The day wasn't as i planned and to make matter short, i reached the new city and the office i was sent to a bit late because it was during lunch hour and the security at the entrance confirmed that i was too late for the service i was looking for. Matter of fact i was 30 minutes late and he advised that i should come back 2 hours later. The problem, i had another bus again to catch for another work trip in 30 minutes. So i insisted i wanted at least to get into the building and if they were indeed absent i'll leave them alone and it will be for another day. He rejected my request! My mind was still remembering that i have asked for the blessing that day again, so i gave it a new try. I reformulated my request to security agent. He looked not pleased and reluctantly agree and took my ID. I went through the stairs up to the office following his directive as fast as i could. They were there but they seemed indeed off duty. I refused to accept that situation and briefly explained to them why they should help me. With an unpleasant facial expression for one and an annoyed facial expression from the other they agreed nevertheless to help me after a moment of discussion and they served me. As soon i got served i thanked them, ran down back to the security, gave him a smile and informed him of how fortunate i was and thanked him as well then went to that city town, reached the bus station just as the bus was ready to start its new journey! I knew i was blessed in the morning but at that time on the bus i really felt blessed!

I learned from those two experiences two things:

1. Receiving God's directives in the morning is important; and that blessings matter!
2. You don't always need people to be well disposed toward you to see God's blessing work on your behalf.

I enjoyed God's blessings this week and i recommend it! I also recommend you take your daily morning dose of blessings. I took one this morning again, I'm hooked on it ... we never know when we gonna need it!

"The LORD will command the blessing upon you ... He will bless you ..." Deuteronomy 28:8 Bible
Have a blessed Christmas Season and weekend in Jesus' name.

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