mercredi 7 mars 2012

Debate at Radio 10 - 87.96 FM - Islam, Bahaie Faith and Brahnam Message

Hello friends,

I hope you are all doing fine and great. 0k, this is a short notice for those who are still following the 'Help Me Understand' Show at Radio 10 every Sunday from 9am-10am.

This Sunday it is going to be just it. I am having on the platform a Muslim, a follower of Brahnam message and a Bahai'e faith representatives. All of the were in my show for the past 2 months in solo, now they have agree to come back together for their first inter-religious dialogue and debate on Radio 10.

1. The Muslim is an Amir i.e a leader of Islamic preacher in Kigali, he is also a vice-director of an Islamic school in Gitarama. Maybe it might interest you to also know that he used to be a Methodist pastor and a member of the Assemblé de Dieu before he converted to Islam.

2. The Brahnamist is a pastor and a language expert and lecturer at one of Kigali educational institute. He also happened to have been Ngabe, Brice, Stephan and my English teacher in High-school, and he also was the first person who taught us how to formally debate in one of our English classes.

3. The Bahai'e faith member has been first a catholic, then a protestant pentecostal, then a Brahnamist and almost a muslim. Finally he found spiritual solace in the Bahaie faith. He has come highly recommended by the Universal House of Justice (Bahai'e's faith center).

So let's give them a big round of applause for manning up and accepted the invite and show up to share and defend what they believe. Now i know i am missing a Christian on the show. I contacted one, and after some days of reflection he declined to be part of the dialogue, for he believes that he is not yet ready to discuss the topic i suggested for this dialogue.

The topic is almost similar to what Tigana initiated yesterday at his Facebook page. The topic is: Divine Revelation. What is it, and how do we access it?

The dialogue will be in French, and i am again launching my last call. Is there any Christian who will be interested to Join us for this topic? If yes, please let me know on time so that i can make room for one more person in the studio.

Best Regards,

God Bless You all in Jesus' name.
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