lundi 24 septembre 2012

Let Us Bridge Your Language Gap - El Puente Ltd.

EL PUENTE LTD Company - Bridging the gap - Phone: 0788762856, 0783867447 - Email:

We are on our first year of services in Kigali and we have already received favorable feed backs from our happy customers with regards to our services.

 El Puente invites you to become one of our distinguished and happy customers. Professional, quality multi-language translation services, offered by El Puente Ltd will assist you in communicating with your target market.

 Our mission is to provide businesses and organizations with the comprehensive, high quality translation/interpretation services they need to reach out to customers and clients in different languages. We have a qualified and trained team of translators/Interpreters in French, English, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili, Spanish and more.

 El Puente Ltd will not just translate your documents, websites, ads and brochures word for word, but we will focus on your message. We will make sure that the intent of your message goes completely undamaged through the translation process. We are as much culture sensitive as we are language experts.

YOU too WILL identify with Our Translation Services.

We offers interpretation services such as: Simultaneous interpretations, Community interpretation, personal interpreting, etc.

Here's a short list of translation services we can provide:

• Financial & Marketing translation
• Brochure & Legal translation
• Website translation
• Advertising & Brand translation
• Medical translation

• Emergency Translation
• Legal translation
• Business & Commercial translation
• Audio/Video transcription and translation
• Technical translation

 Contact us 24 hours a day by email: We'll get your Interpretation and/or translation project done better, faster, and at an affordable price. El Puente offers genuine value for what you will pay for.


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