lundi 24 septembre 2012

What Should Homosexual Christians Do?

This is why i like listening to Christian thinkers of the like of Dr. William lane Craig or Dr. Ravi Zacharias. They speak with a lot of sensitivity and great objectivity with minimum bias or prejudice on the balance.
"So what should you do? First and foremost, you need to align your thinking with God’s. When you say that you consider being a homosexual to be “perfectly fine,” I’m not sure if you’re talking about your orientation or the activity. I agree with you that it’s no sin to have a homosexual orientation. That’s probably something you didn’t choose and aren’t responsible for. But you can choose and are responsible for how you act. The Bible is clear that sexual acts outside of marriage are immoral and therefore to be shunned. It’s impossible to resist engaging in a pleasurable activity if you consider that activity to be perfectly fine."
I am sure you'll like reading this by following the link by click here.

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