jeudi 27 novembre 2014

ThanksGiving 2014

Today marks again the memorable event of Thanksgiving Day. Some have preferred to call it Turkey Day probably because they assume everybody will have the means to afford a Turkey at their dining table for the family celebration but the financial crisis has redefined people culinary choice. Some are simply happy with a simple meal while keeping the meaning of the event. The word 'Turkey day' is pushed by others since it doesn't have a connotation to the Christian faith but this is a mistake since even a Turkey is still part of God's creation.

Michael Ramsden made the remark that some people feel empty because they do not express gratitude. He continued, 'It is not that people do not have a reason to be grateful for, but rather they have no one to be grateful to.' This is quite an insightful comment, and i hope that despite the difficulty and hardship this year may have brought to your life, you still have a good reason to be grateful for.

Despite the many limitation i have met in my life during this year and the many things I wished i could have had this year but i didn't have, I am nevertheless grateful to God for His many blessings among which are these ones that stands out:

1. I have been unfortunately working in what could simply be labeled as non-satisfactory jobs from as long as December 2009, but this year  i was able to make a successfully transition to an amazing Job. It has all the right culture and environment for a young professional, i couldn't wish better. This in itself would justify the validity of this whole post. But there is more.

2. Since last Thanksgiving Day, something special happened to me, I have changed my social status moving from being a single man to becoming a married man. I have a pleasant and a fun to live with type of wife. Even though her integrity and intellect attracted me more on the early days when we dated, it is her absolute devotion to God and her vibrant faith that rejoices me the more. Many of my recent testimonies can be traced back directly to her endeavors, her encouragement and her relentless prayers and acts of faith. I really love this woman.

This wedding event would have never happen without the thorough involvement of my whole Family (Those in Rwanda and those outside the country) and my friends - specially those from the Living Word Association (LWA) and the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI). Thank you all from the depth of my heart i really have a grateful heart because of you.

3. Soon after I was able to afford my car, i was still wondering how am I going  to handle this since i didn't have a driving license. My wife drive for almost 10 years now but i didn't have as much chance as her. My Learner's driving license has always been elusive to my repeated effort to acquire it. Even though i tried it repeatedly since 2010, i have repeatedly failed to get it. I really got discouraged that i dropped the whole affair. I made peace with myself, saying that driving wasn't for me. Not so with my wife. She didn't accept this defeatist mentality of mine. She kept pushing me in many ways than i can tell, and this has often resulted into repeating tension between us. She didn't want to give up. Two time i missed to do my test this year.

The first time i was told that the registration was over for a week even though i had already paid. The second time i came earlier to the registration office this time and i was told that the registration was over just the day before. I started to feel like a conspiracy was really striving to keep me away from this Learner's driving licence test. The third time i successfully registered. But i had the wrong day for the test. However, on the day of the test, i felt in me that something was wrong. Reaching my office, i checked the internet but couldn't get a confirmation on the date. So i took the liberty to drop an email to the Rwandan police through their website asking about the exact date of the test. In less than an hour, i received a call from the Police informing me that that day was the day for the test and that the others were already at the stadium for test. I was asked to hurry. Needless to tell you what happened later. It was hilarious now that i look at it in retrospective. I got my boss to let me go, then jumped onto the first motorcyclist i was able to find on the street and went to the place of the collective test. Two weeks later, i was informed that i finally got this elusive learner's driving license. I thank God for his support even when i initially felt discouraged and didn't believe that i would get it. Matter of fact, after the test I went my way and paid and registered for the following learner's driving license test since i assumed that I naturally failed this one as it was my custom for the past 4 years. This still makes my wife chuckle, i can hear her say, 'Oh ye of little faith'.

4. I am grateful to God that I was finally able to continue my academic training. This later one seemed hermetically closed to me since 2008. I failed in my so many attempts to get a master degree in my field of interests from respected universities around the world. This year, i was finally able to get in and start my Master program.

5. With regards to books,

a) i was featured into an important book about Rwanda by Ms. Sonia Myers, 'The new Rwanda, Tome II' published by the University of Scraton. My contribution essay is entitled -'Success and Challenge'. Thank You Nicole K. for the networking opportunity.

 b) i got Dr. Stephan Meyer's book 'Darwin's Doubt' from a friend living in the U.S on New Year Eve. It was a fantastic gift, since i am a great fan of Stephen C. Meyer's work. Thank you Mireille I.

c) I was also offered by a good friend of mine living in South Africa the impressive book, 'The Resurrection of Jesus' by Dr. Mike Licona  based on his doctoral research at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. I have been looking for this book for so long and now I have it. Thank you Armel N.

So many things could be said but these ones will stand for the rest and it will show the extend of my my gratitude to God for the blessed year He has granted me in His Son Jesus the Christ.

Thank you to all my readers for keeping this blog alive. You have been visiting it from more than ten countries and many other Islands. All continents represented, with my biggest readership coming straight from the USA.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 in Jesus' name.

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  1. Thank you dear brother! I read the message! Very refreshing! Wow! There are ALWAYS reasons to be thankful and grateful to God and to others!

  2. @ Stephan: Amen my friend. Reasons abound indeed on the goodness of Good. :)
    @ Lori: Thank you ma belle. You are among my most supportive mentee. :D