mardi 3 avril 2012

Long Hair - I am not alone! Youpiiii!!!

It felt like a lonely battle but i am glad to realize that there are also other men out there who just love long hair on woman. It is with joy that I share with you one of them on this issue:
" I am among the many men who absolutely despise short hair on women. If a woman's hairstyle is described as "cute", I can just about guarantee that I'm going to hate it. Even when an attractive woman can pull it off, she almost invariably looks even better with long hair ...

So why do women do it when so many men actively hate short hair? I think there are two reasons, one which applies to younger women and one which applies to older women. Because only a very pretty woman can look attractive in a short hairstyle, female logic tells the woman contemplating hair-butchery that if she
cuts her hair off and can manage to pull off the look, then she must be extremely attractive. This sounds absurd to the rational mind, but remember, most women overrate themselves by at least two points because they rate themselves by their hottest-ever hookup rather than by the average of their past romantic record. And since she will inevitably be rewarded with praise from her female friends, she wrongly concludes that she has indeed pulled it off and is therefore highly attractive even as her attractiveness drops a point or two in the eyes of all the men around her.

It's interesting to note how some women with long hair talk about other women trying to convince them to cut it off. Do women similarly encourage other women to grow their hair long? If not, how does one account for the dichotomy? ...

... Anyhow, if you're a woman, let your locks flow long and don't trust any woman who encourages you to chop them off. The more hair, the more better."
Read more by clicking here if interested. Take Care and let it flow:
"But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her" 1Co 11:15
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  1. :o)

    Oh, long hair any time, brother. Any time.

    But, I discovered a few years ago, that given the wide range of physiological difference as far as women are concerned, there might be place on earth (and in men's heart) for short hair.

    Being blessed with what I like calling "altitude advantage", I make it a point to verify my theory everytime I get a chance.

    More women, mostly of african descent have interestingly shaped head. With very refined features, that are even more accentuated by a short hair cut. It might be just a personal observation, but I find that sometimes short hair are just as good as long ones.

    But if you have to touch on the subject of long hair, and the complex sub-subject of afro vs weaves? I suggest you take time to read this debate ---> . Very impressive approaches to the subject of long "african" hair.

    Kanam Junior

  2. "there might be place on earth (and in men's heart) for short hair"
    Definitely so! Hair physiology can be nasty to some people indeed! For those ones, i suspect they can be excused! :)