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The Problem of Homosexuality by Nathalie

Few years ago, we were in a discussion about Homosexuality in a and Nathalie came up with this defense against the practice of homosexuality. Along her argumentation she pulled up many other topics and subjects not necessarily related to the issue of homosexuality and i wonder if she still holds to her ancient stand on all of them. But regardless of whether she might still hold entirely or partially or not at all on these issues, i think that she made interesting points that might interest our readers today. I will also share my own thought on this topic in a soon to come post.

Hope you enjoy the provocative reading from our very own Rwandan christian lady - Nathalie.
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Hello once again,

I am going to divide this topic into two things. First let me answer the question for Oliver...

I think Lisette or Eric (don't remember who)gave the best approach to dealing with someone who says `I was born like this'—` Since I was young, I just have been attracted to boys or girls'. I had a case once where we were sharing and one of the girls in my group said, I used to think I was a lesbian because I just noticed girls more. But she said that after some healing and restoration from the Lord, she changed. Her case was one of a girl who was looking for a female leader or lover since her mom had died when she was young. So you can say, that's easier to deal with, if there is an underlying reason/starter, it's easier to spot and root out and deal with a visible enemy. I would disagree because whatever the argument or basis the person is giving you, it is powerful and really binding for them.

However, you are right in that the I was born like this argument is a little more intricate. The most important thing to remember is that we have to advance God's idea of acceptable sexuality.  Homosexuality like all other perverse sexual preferences (of which I will talk a little later) came from man's falling away from God. The need for more or better has pushed human beings to extreme lengths and most importantly, far away from God's ordained plan of sex consumated within the sacred union of marriage between a man and woman.

I heard someone once say, if we can say that strict tihting is an old testament thing is homosexuality. I almost fell off my chair! That's why it's important to go back to the Bible. The Bible teaches us in the New Testament and Old Testament that homosexuality, incest, sexual immorality, masturabation, pre-marital sex (on that same length I would add pornography, anal sex, and other things that Africa has not yet discovered yet) are sins of the flesh. Also, I always come back to what Paul says when talking about overseers in the Church in epistle to Timothy, a man married to one woman...The God in the Old Testament who was against homosexuality did not change in the New Testament! By His immeasurable grace he set us free from the bondage of sin, not so we could go on in our sin but so that we would live lives holy and in communion with Him.

Fundamentally, it is important to make that person understand that God is has never been and will never be a fan of homosexuality. But not just homosexuality, also pornography, and masturbation....It is a sin amongst others. It is not an isolated abomination lol! So If God does not accept homosexuality, He would definetly not create us that way.

Now the question might arise, ok but how come I've always been like this. I think that there are many arguments that could be given. Some biologists for example say that some boys or some girls are born with too much estrogen or testosterone so they have a tendancy to be predisposed to like boy or girl things and because of social conditioning (social rules that say that boys play with trains and t-rex and cars and girls with barbie and tea pot and dora) they are pronounced gay or lesbian. For example, a young man might like to play with barbies, maybe because the people around him only play barbie, maybe some hormonal imbalance (more estrogen...)has made him more predisposed to like more feminine things. I use this argument very carefully because it can if it is not well boxed in, it will lead us back to the I was born like this argument. It is only social conditioning that makes people like this get the idea that they are gay. For example, I used to be a huge soccer player. I even dreamed of playing professionally once upon a time but a quick sit down with my mom made me understand that girls don't play rough games like that...if I wanted to ever be approachable I would have drop the strict regimes and work outs or else I would not get married and be butch! So I do think that social conditioning plays a big role.

Whatever argument you choose, and I don't think necessarily you have to have need get that person to understand that the Lord can deliver Him/Her from bondage because it's bondage just like masturbation or pornography (even if we tend to hate it more). The Lord is able. The testimony of Pastor Donnie McClurkin is an example. Get that person to listen to such testimonies. And most importantly...pray with them and for them. Pray before you talk, pray while you talk and really pray for them after. The Prayer of Faith does wonders in difficult cases like this. I wanted to close by saying, all sexual sin is a big battle for the person going through it. I am working with several people on things like that and it's not an easy battle. We must recognize this and look to God for breakthrough. Have compassion for people like this, love them and intercede for them.

With love,


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  1. As an addition to my sister (literally :) about the argument of 'I was born like this', I had a legal philosophy kind-of class last semester and one of the argumentation of post-modern feminism (in a nutshell) is that Gender is an identity that is progressively constructed and the social conditions are what guides and influences that construction...Two sensible points arise here: you are not born woman or man (may be female and male) and there is no one way to be a man or woman...Wonder where this takes us with regards to homosexuality!?

  2. This is really twisted! When i think that the human right movement for women try to apply the women right to female children when it comes to schooling, are they working for nothing not knowing that hose kids aren't female yet? They have no right!?

    I, honestly, am curious to read the details describing distinction between female and male from your legal class curriculum.

  3. Though I can't put it down here - i mean arguments from my course - because I risk to deviate the primary post from its focus....

    I just came across a series of articles that I thought would help those reading this post to think deeper and/or broader:

  4. Thanks for sharing John Piper's posts on this. :)