dimanche 7 octobre 2012

How Chastity Makes Women Attractive

Lately, i have been reading about the current culture view on chastity , faithfulness and sexual restrain. It looks like the Christian worldview which has insisted about that during the course of history has been catching up in modern mainstream views despite a few decades of mockery. Interesting! Even without any religious argument under girding it, men still find the less sexual active woman to be the most attractive when it comes to long term relationship or settling down. They would even prefer to trade some level of beauty for a higher level of this one. Two things matter most (not only but most) to men about women: 1. Physical (and inner) beauty; 2. Sexual history.

"we already know that men place a high value on female beauty, so if we take into account that sexual loyalty also matters a great deal to them as well as how a woman's sexual history serves as a practical proxy for that otherwise indeterminable loyalty, we can construct a scale that should reliably describe a woman's socio-sexual attractiveness to men."

You can find more here  of an extended discussion of this issue.

Wish you all a fantastic day and week in Jesus name.

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