dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Marley and Me

I wrote this two years ago at Jeunnesse Chretienne Forum (JC). 
There come times when we seem to get a glimpse of our own future and when that happens, we get mixed feelings. My feelings seemed more of questioning my ability to handle it the right way when those times come.

Few months ago my young brother Steve Gatera gave me a movie entitled 'Marley and Me' and he insisted that I should watch it. I took it but never got around to watch it. I mean, who would be in such a hurry to watch a movie that have such a title? Little did I know that by the end of the movie i'll shed some tears. Yesterday, i watched it and i wondered why on earth did i delay such an incredible cinematographic experience about life? I just loved the movie. I loved it so much that i recommend the watching of it to every J.C members. No, let me repeat it. I HIGHLY recommend the watching of the movie! It is the best movie of the past two years that i've seen.

As i watched it, i really wondered if i was really ready for what the future has in store for me. The movie is played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. For the rest i'll let you decide if  it was worth watching.

I hope more christian screen writers or novelists would write more of these kind of stories. It is really like watching life in live! That's how best i can describe the movie.

It's with this note that i bid you farewell and wish you a great weekend in Jesus name.

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