lundi 5 décembre 2011

"Help Me Understand Jesus" is Now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

My book "Help Me understand Jesus: Rediscovering the Mystery of Christmas" has finally reached other online bookstores beside the Xulon online bookstore. The book is now available on a Paperback as well as on a Digital Format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for ordering. An excerpt of the book content can also be read on Amazon. I'll be interested to hear your comments on the book as well as read your review of the book on Amazon and elsewhere.

The book – Help Me Understand Jesus – provide provision to the readers to correct some  misunderstandings on biblical issues concerning Jesus of Nazareth identity. Here are some of the questions it answers:

  • What was meant by the word ‘Son of God’ and how it differs from the generic usage of the word 'son(s) of God' in other part of the Bible.

  • How ‘son of man’ in the New Testament is different from the terminology ‘son of man’ in the Old Testament save for two intriguing exceptions.

  • Why it is believed that Jesus was the 'Son of Man' despite the fact that the terminology ‘Son of Man’ is used in the third person in the Gospel.
  • Why scholars believe that the origin of the word 'Son of Man' as used by Jesus came from an ancient prophecy uttered in the kingdom of Babylon probably around 530 BC.
  • How EL-GIBBOR as the Christ captures the beauty, elegance and meaning of the traditional Christmas message.

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