lundi 19 mars 2012

Relationship and marriage advice

There are times when we mess so bad in life that we wish that someone would have told us things ahead of time before the great blunder was experienced.

This is a bit the role of the evangelist when he talks to the unbelievers so that they won't have to say one day: "If i only knew!" However, we forget often that Eternal life is not the only thing that if we miss we will be hurt. There are other things that hurts us so bad in this life and Marriage is among them.

So i took liberty to bring some links from Dr. Bill where he gives his advices about relationship and marital life. Since he has decades of experience and he is quite a good storyteller and writer, i suspect that what he has to say will be most valuable for our married couples and those who will be so in the near or far future.

First, this link will be quite a revelation if you hold diverging views about how to live long and peacefully with someone else in your life.

Second in this link, he does explain through a simple story what a woman's role could be in the life of her man. Not long ago (last week) i spoke with two lady-friends of mine about what could be the role of a woman for in her husband life. Mostly, the husbands role is often clear as most preaching revolve around him, however for the ladies it is usually simply summarized under this word "submission" without further concrete example save the usual housekeeping expectation. In this link, you'll find how one woman gave us through her diligence one of the best analytical christian thinker and apologist of our time.

Thirdly, this link answers or should i say, clarifies some important issues about the core value of the coveted marriageable lady or gentleman.

I hope you find wisdom, knowledge, direction and valuable advices as you read those links above. Remembers, he is just sharing his life and conviction. If you disagree, remember you have the right to do so. After all it is your life.

Best Regards and have a nice and productive day in Jesus' name.
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