mercredi 13 juin 2012

Is Benny Hinn couple coming back?

I received the webpage link from a lady friend, and you guys can also have a direct access to it here.

Reading the document shared above, i noticed that Mr. Hinn recognized that the problem that led to his divorce was two folds.

First, Mr. Hinn recognized that he was married to his ministry and hence his marriage suffered to the point of breaking. That was an interesting comment. I hope it will be a good warning to those who think that if they completely care about God's things, then God will take care of their things. Wrong! He won't. You have to take care of both or else you'll have tears rolling through your cheeks. In my few years in Christianity I came to this simple conclusion: Our lives are our responsibilities and God's ministry for us is also our responsibility. We need to have a balanced life to do both. Neglecting any of them will have unpleasant consequences. Now that Benny Hinn has learned that, i can imagine that via his influence many will learn the same without necessarily having to pass through the same turmoil.

Second, Mrs. Hinn had substituted proper communication by taking anti-depressing pills for 15 years. As a results, "She became dependent on those near her for nearly 15 years, and those medications made her behave erratically at times." Even living at the proximity of a 'miracle worker' does not necessarily heal people. Being at the proximity of a 'wise man' will not passively infuse wisdom. What on earth could she have done then? I don't know. But looking for help earlier would have saved her marriage from the divorce coming down the road 15 years later. So please, don't be too mystical in life. When you have issues, ask help and deal with it before you start making everybody lives miserable around you.

Anyway, if the Mr. Benny Hinn reports is true ... i am glad that after two years of divorce his couple is hopefully finally coming back together in one piece. May the Lord help them.

God bless you all in Jesus' name.
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