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Is Insemination The Answer For A Single Woman?

Not long ago in a yahoo forum (J.C) where i am a member and a moderator -- i read a question that seemed to fall under an ethic section. Many members of the group tried to give their views. So I decided to also give mine - although it seemed a little different from theirs - this is a euphemism to mean - not at all like their. I hope my post below won't offend you but seriously make you consider the real-life implication.


Hello L.,

With reference to your first question ...

1) "Quest ce que vous pensez d'une jeune fille qui a la trentaine et approche la quarantaine et n''a pas encore trouve de mari; elle decide d''avoir une enfant par insemination ;is it wrong?"

Let's first distinguish the insemination by itself as a method of fertilization of a woman uterus and the reason (motif) people look for an insemination .

I find no reason whatsoever to imagine or even think that insemination is a wrong practice or even a sinful act. It has been applied for both married couples and single woman. Matter of fact, the first reported case of artificial insemination by donor occurred in 1884 to a married couple. A Philadelphia professor of
medicine took sperm from his "best looking" student to inseminate an anesthetized woman. The woman was not informed about the procedure, unlike her infertile husband. The case was reported 25 years later in a medical journal. (Wikipedia on the History of insemination).

Now, what about the motif? The example given in the question raise the question of a woman who is still a single woman and feel lonely, and decides to have an insemination so that she can combat that loneliness by the presence of the new child in her life. Here is the rub. Single woman have really had a tough time even through adoption to get a child. Actually, some adoption agencies do insist that a child adoption should only be done by a married couple for the sake of the child psychological balance. This is why even the adoption of a child by an homosexual/lesbian couple have been difficult and combated by child care agencies. So I wouldn't recommend adoption of a child neither to a single woman, even less an artificial insemination. They  are reasons why a child should have a family of at least two for an ideal growth. For it is inappropriate for the child mental health and psychological growth to grow single parented. You see L., my argument rejecting the search for a child by a single woman who just happen to feel bored is not religiously based. It can purely be defended on sociological ground.

As for the fact that she is still single at 40. Well, i'll tell her first that the success of insemination will be as difficult for her at that age as it would be for a normal pregnancy at that same age due to her menopause. Remember that funny biological clock we have been debating with ladies here on J.C early 2010?

Second, I would recommend her to stop listening to most church folks advise on how to get a boyfriend/companion. Jesus will most likely not give her that boyfriend/companion as most Christians keep saying and thinking. She will have to revisit instead her methods and approach with people of the other sex. T. gave us the story of a lady who married this year at 35. Interesting in that account is that the woman did not wait in prayer only for the guy. She emailed him for a coffee. And guess what? He SmSed her later for a meal. The rest as we say is history. The usefulness of prayers came later for the big decision. I'll keep saying that to Christian over and over. There is no special one decided from heaven (save some exceptions) just for you. You make someone your special someone. You are the one who choose. Read the bible please!!!!

2) "I understand what you are saying, but it is so unfair to see a young lady living alone. It is not her fault if she does not find a boyfriend, someone who please her...after all, el n''a pas eu des rapports sexuels. et si elle adoptait, is that wrong aux yeux de Dieu? elle a besoin de compagnie, et cet enfant manquera l''affection dun pere, certes; mais il recevra l'amour d'une mere."

I can imagine you got dissatisfied by most of the reactions. You are right. So was i! Yeah, it is not always her fault. It could also be the fault of the people she has been listening to. Clueless advise most of the time masqueraded as biblical teachings or divine counsels hurts a lot of single folks. What she should do is to stop listening to some clueless religious folks in matters of dating, and start looking at life as it really is. Soon enough by God's grace she'll know what to do and how to do it rightly. For the rest, if she needs a life-long friend, the biblical solution for that is called marriage. Not children. Children come and go. A husband stays to death - ideally.

Hope this has helped. In brief, her solution against loneliness is not artificial insemination. Her solution is to fire her former dating counselors and her modern biblical clueless marriage -mate-matching advisers.

If she does that she will save her soul from a lot of torment!

May the Lord Jesus help her get rid of those 'religious advisers' with whips!

Yours in the Masters' service,
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